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    The 26 Pokeballs that you should know

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    Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Battle!

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    Mario Joins the Battle!

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    Kirby Joins the Battle!

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    //I have to say, this is my favourite NaruHina picture right now.

    I haven’t posted any OTP pictures in a long time so I thought this would be a good start

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    • May 8: XY025 - Cyllage Gym Match! Pikachu VS Tyrunt!! - It’s the Gym match against Grant at the Cyllage Gym. Ash sends out Froakie against Grant’s Onix. Ash and Froakie have put lots of effort into countering Onix’ “Rock Tomb”, and…”
    • May 15: XY026 - Swirlix and Slurpuff! A Sweet Fight Gets Anything But Sweet!! - "One of Serena’s specialties is making PokéPuffs; sweets intended for Pokémon. She gets involved in a PokéPuff contest with a girl named Millefeui she met in town, and…"
    • May 22: XY027 - Flabébé and the Fairy Flower! - “After spotting a flower in Bonnie’s hair, a Flabébé lands in it. It appears that Flabébé’s flower has gone missing. What will happen now?
    • May 29: XY028 & XY029 1 Hour Special -Champion Diantha Debut! Mega Gardevoir in the Mist!!& Ta-da! A Fake Ash Appears!! -  ”Diantha, the Champion of the Kalos Region, appears at a battle tournament in a city Ash is visiting. He challenges her to a battle.” &  Team Rocket are causing trouble in a city dressed up as Ash, Serena and Bonnie! And then the real Ash and his friends get caught by Jenny!”
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    Peach Joins the Battle!

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    Handmade Portable N64 Console

    Custom controller-shaped case with hand grips
    3.5” screen
    Battery: 4400mAh at 7.4v
    Battery life: 4 hours 15 minutes
    Expansion Pak 
    Battery indicator
    1st party N64 controller
    Custom buttons and d-pad, dual z buttons
    Gamecube style replacement joystick
    HMDX Go Portable Audio amp and speakers with volume buttons
    Switchable internal memory/rumble

    Created by Bungle | [Video]

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