1. Abraham Lincoln in Adventure Time

    I’m really glad that Adventure Time crew put Abraham Lincoln as God from Mars called King of Mars in Sons of Mars.

    He’s one of my favorite President of the United States. Because he was very honest, got great advice, and the best part about him is, he put the end to the whole slavery during his time as a president. And my favorite part about watching Sons of Mars is he sacrificed himself for Death to save Jake’s, one of my favorite AT character. That took some courage, bravely, and respectful to do something like that.

    And few months ago, I watched Steven Spielberg’s, Acadamy Award Nomination for Best Picture, Lincoln. I know it doesn’t look excitement and thrilling to watch, it sounds interesting to learn more about the 16th President of the United States and how he put the end for the whole slavery.

    Well done, AT crew, well done.

  1. theendstartswithyou said: He didnt end slavery, the 13th amendment did.. But nice try!!
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    I’m not huge on this whole “american presidency” mumble jumble as i’m from England but good god. Abraham Lincoln is a...
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